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ApplicationRa WhatsApp
VersionV 20.11
File Size65MB
AuthorFahad Al-Balani
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RA WhatsApp is a popular version of WhatsApp that looks like official WhatsApp with amazing modified features . There are billions of users of moded WhatsApp due to extra features like different modes and themes, which make WhatsApp look more stylish. This WhatsApp provides users with a personalized and good experience.
RA WhatsApp latest version has new features and new themes. It’s now getting famous like other versions of mod APK like MB WhatsApp ,Adamwhatsapp.

What is RA Whatsapp or Fahad Al-Balani WhatsApp?

Fahad Al-Balani developed a WhatsApp clone. That’s why this is also called Fahad Al-Balani WhatsApp. It comes in two versions with few differences. It will be a more stable WhatsApp RA with many bugs fixed.

RAWhatsApp Requirement

Android: OS 4.1+Above
iOS 12+

Ra WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version

With improvement, the ban is removed in new versions. Here are two versions, RA 1 and RA 2.

Download RA WhatsApp 1

Download RAWhatsApp 2

RA WhatsApp iOS Download

How to Download and Install RA WhatsApp APK for Android

Follow the mentioned steps to download the download Rawhatsapp ios on your Android

  • Firstly, Click the Download button and download the APK File of Ra iOS WhatsApp.Make sure to download files from a trusted website always.
  • Most importantly, the Android phone does not allow third-party files. You need to do settings before installation.
  • Go to the settings option from your mobile and allow the option to download from an untrusted source.
  • Afterwards, go to the download folder and click on the downloaded file to install it. Always try to save the files in a separate folder for quick sharing and access.

Once the installation is complete, add your number for verification.After number verification, you are ready to use this application.

Ra Whatsapp Old Versions

Rawhatsapp is available for 13,14, and the latest iOS version is also called RAWhatsApp iOS. The latest version of Rawhatspp is Version 20.11, and the old versions of Ra WhatsApp Plus are V8.26, V8.35, V8.36, V8.51, V8.71, V8.86, V8.91, V8.93, V12.5., V13.0, V4.0.

Features of RA WhatsApp

Call Rejection Option

This WhatsApp offers call reflection options to get free from any disturbance in busy times. You can choose to decline call options from the settings.

Message Reactions

Sometimes, people prefer reactions instead of typing or sending audio messages. There are thousands of options for emojis, which can save you time.

Multiple Photo and Video Sharing

Instead of sending photos and videos one by one in different groups, you now have the option to send files in multiple groups at once, which can help you save time.

Copy Photo Caption

Sometimes you like the caption of photos, but you usually can’t copy the caption of an image in WhatsAppRA . You can copy a caption without any hurdle.

Emoji Variant

You will find multiple emojis in RA WhatsApp update. You can change the emoji style to an iPhone emoji. For this option, open the settings, click add-ons, and then feature more settings. Click the option style and feel you will find an emoji variant.

Multiple Image Posting

Usually, WhatsApp allows you to send ten images at a time. For the following image, you need to select pictures again now. In this WhatsApp, you can choose at least 30 shots in one go. You can get the same feature in SM WhatsApp.

Supporting Files

People are using different types of file formats according to their needs. You can’t open other files in normal WhatsApp. This WhatsApp accepts various file formats, as mentioned here.

  • XLS
  • Docs
  • Pptx
  • Txt
  • Pdf
  • Zip

Level Up Data Sharing limit

You are always curious to know alternative ways to save your time. Like WhatsApp, there is a sharing limit, but in WhatsApp iOS’s new version, you can send up to 100 MB of audio and video files.

RAwhatsapp Settings

Privacy Addition

One of the best features that distinguishes WhatsApp from other WhatsApp applications is the privacy addition, which makes it unique and famous among chat app users.

  • Hide blue tick
  • Hide Last seen
  • Hide the Blue Microphone option
  • Hide Double Tick
  • View Deleted messages
  • Read Deleted messages.

Copy and Synchronization

Data of users is critical if you send different files like docs, excel sheets, or pdf on WhatsApp at any time. If you need this data, it is easily accessible with the backup options. You can back up your chats in RAwhatsapp.

Update Setting

As this version is unavailable on the Play Store due to third-party applications, you will get a notification and install a new version by deleting the previous version. You must check the backup option before deleting the old version of RA WhatsApp.

Mod Features of RA WhatsApp

  • Hide or Freeze last seen from others.
  • Show one tick for a message sent.
  • Read messages in chat without a blue tick
  • Emojis Pack
  • Pin Private messages
  • Lock conversation
  • Support Calls
  • Set Reminder on WhatsApp
  • Direct Status link clickable
  • Send greater-size videos or images.
  • Media Preview without Downloading
  • Multiple themes Options
  • Zoom Profile picture
  • Status copy paste on whatsApp
  • Edit sent messages.

How to Install Ra Whatsapp on a PC

To use Ra WhatsApp on a PC emulator, it is necessary to follow these steps to use Rawhatsapp latest PC version.

  • The first step is the installation of an emulator on a PC. Download any of the latest emulators like Bluestack.
  • Secondly, download the latest version of Rawhatsapp
  • Now launch the downloaded emulator and navigate to the downloaded rawhatsapp application.
  • Lastly, select this apk file and install it.

Verification of number is the important step for any WhatsApp apk therefore, always install and verify the mobile number, and you are ready to use the ra WhatsApp mod apk

Pros and Cons of Ra Whatsapp Download APK

Pros: As WhatsApp is a third-party app and is not available in the Play Store, you can download it from any website
After the APK download, there is no need to wait for the review process. It is instantly available in your storage and memory.
This file is in device storage so that you can uninstall or install it again anytime.

Cons: As this is a third-party app not verified by Google, always install it from an authentic website.
If an APK file has a virus, it can steal your data or damage your device, so check your privacy.
Unlike the Play Store, there is no automatic update for every new version of RA WhatsApp. You need to uninstall the old version and install it again.

How to update Ra Whatsapp

In order to update to the latest version of WhatsApp, visit our website, download the newest version of RAWhatsapp, and follow the installation guide.


Yes, the mod version of this WhatsApp is safe.

Usually, official apps are available on the Play Store, which officials develop. This mod version is created by other developers who are not part of the official team, so this is not available on the Play Store.

If the file is not in the Play Store, it is a third-party app and requires permission from the mobile setting on developer mode to allow downloading and access of the app.


Suppose you are wondering which WhatsApp is better in performance and features. There is no need to think about it. You can get all multiple feature access in RAWhatsApp. You can customize the appearance of WhatsApp with multiple Ra WhatsApp themes, communicate with various groups at one time, and many more specifications with this WhatsApp.


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