how to copy and paste on whatsapp

People prefer to copy and paste if you have given text to save time instead of typing. In this article, you will learn how to copy and paste on WhatsApp.WhatsApp makes our lives facile by introducing many features that make our communication incredible. Copy-paste is one of these features.

How to Copy and Paste WhatsApp Messages

When you have hundreds of messages in different conditions, you need to copy those messages instead of typing repeatedly. Then, copy-paste shortcuts play an essential role in saving time and energy. There are different methods given below.

How to Copy and Paste on WhatsApp iPhone or ios

Unlock your iOS device, and open WhatsApp and WhatsApp versions or type do ma. It could be MB WhatsApp iOS, adWhatsApp or any other version you installed on your device. Firstly, open WhatsApp, find the required chat using the search box, then open the chat and find the message you want to copy. You can also search for the message in the search box. After seeing the required message, tap on it and hold it until you get options. Choose the option copy. This is the simple way to copy a message in iOS. For pasting this duplicated message, go to your required chat, tap, and hold until you get options. Choose the paste option and send it. This is the easiest way to copy and paste a message.

How to Copy Paste on WhatsApp Android

Paste in Android is not a big deal. It’s easy. Let’s dive into simple steps.

  • Firstly, Open the WhatsApp version you are using
  • Then click the chat option from the top bar
  • Now, find the text or message you want to copy by just clicking on the given chat or finding the chat using the search box.
  • After finding the required message, click hold the message and scroll to the selected bar.
  • Now tap on the three dots given in the top right corner.
  • Then, choose the copy option. This chat is copied now.
  • Now, find the location where you want to paste this message.
  • Finally, click the send option; this copied message has been sent to the other person.
  • If you want to send the same copied message to any other person, paste it into the new chat and send it. It is optional to copy it repeatedly without wasting your time.

How to Paste WhatsApp Message

To paste the message, follow the same process as the above procedure. Surprisingly, you can copy messages from WhatsApp chat and paste them into other social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, IMO, or use this text for the posts. Similarly, you can copy text or chat from other apps copy and paste to WhatsApp chat and send to your loved ones.

Benefits of Copy and Paste WhatsApp Chat

You can get help to ease from typing using copy paste function in WhatsApp chat. Here are the benefits of WhatsApp chat copy-paste


Other than official WhatsApp, different modded WhatsApp APKs are available for communication in other languages. In this scenario, if you receive a message on WhatsApp in another language, copy and paste it on Google Translate, respond according to the message using the same Google Translate, and then copy that message in chat and send it to the other person. It is helpful to save your time by copy-paste, chat and translating.

Saving Important Data

Usually, for essential data, we save it to any required folder or chat, so instead of typing and making mistakes, copy-paste and protect your data as it is

Avoid Mistakes

During typing, we mainly make spelling, grammar, or sentence mistakes when we want to save a copy, so sometimes, it can create problems in data saving or forwarding messages because a single mistake can change the concept of the whole message. So, by using the paste feature, you can avoid mistakes.

Limitation Copying and Pasting WhatsApp Messages

There are a few limitations to copy-paste on WhatsApp. Here they are

Word Limit

On WhatsApp, there is a character limit. You can not copy lengthy messages. It will give an alarming sign, so remember this sign. If you’re getting this during copy-paste, remove this limit, copy half the message and then the remaining half by following the above procedure.

Can’t copy Deleted Messages

No one can copy deleted messages. If you still want to see the message, then see the deleted message using a moded APK WhatsApp version like Coocoo WhatsApp, and when the message is visible, copy and paste it.

How to Copy and Paste on WhatsApp web

Firstly, open WhatsApp on your PC. If WhatsApp is not installed, go to and download the file, or if you want to use the moded APK, download a file from mbwhatshub. After downloading, click the exe to install it and follow the requested instructions. Once installation is finished, connect your WhatsApp using the QR code. Click the three dots on the top right corner, select the linked device option, a screen will option, scan the QR code from web WhatsApp, and now your WhatsApp is ready to use on your PC or laptop.

How to Copy Whatsapp Message on PC

Find the required message or conversation right click the mouse to select the text. Drag this until the required limit and correct clock to get the copy option. Select this option. There is an alternative way. After selecting the needed message, press the short key of copy Ctrl+C, or you can also use the right key to select the required text portion.

How to Paste Copied Message on PC

Go to the required location or chat right, click you will get the paste option. Choose this option. Alternatively, short key Ctrl+V is also used to paste into the WhatsApp web.


Yes, you can copy messages within one WhatsApp chat, or outside WhatsApp by using this feature of cop paste without doing modifications to the conversation.

Yes, you can copy multiple messages at once. Click various messages and then select the box shape copy option. On top, you will get the notification of how many messages are copied, and now paste these messages into the required location and send them.


Now, copy and paste is a few taps away! It will help you a lot in daily life to avoid mistakes, save time from typing, and keep your data in its original form. Always use this Shortcut method to copy-paste messages and chats on WhatsApp and other communication platforms.

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