how to know who viewed my whatsapp profile

Whenever people talk about communication apps, WhatsApp is on top among all of them in terms of accessibility, compatibility, and other features like video audio sharing, end-to-end encryption, and a user-friendly interface. However, developers keep improving the features daily, and many versions are released with modifications, like mb WhatsApp Plus iPhone with many new features.

People are always curious to learn,how to know who viewed my WhatsApp profile app because it contains essential information like name, bio, profile picture, and status. WhatsApp does not offer the official feature to know who viewed your WhatsApp profile; however, there are apps like WA that allow you to see Who Viewed your profile.

How to Know Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile

Here are the steps to find out who is watching your WhatsApp profile silently

  • Firstly, download the WA Visit App from the Play Store
  • Install this Application on your phone, and you will get a notification and access to contacts that allow it.
  • Click the refresh button, and you will see names in the contact list who viewed my WhatsApp profile today.

Alternative Way How to Know Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile

Here are different alternative methods to find who viewed your profile on whatsApp

Using the WhatsApp Profile Tracker App

Several third-party apps provide you to look at who has viewed your profile. Mostly, these apps are not end-to-end encrypted; sometimes, they reveal the identities and essential data.
Always share my contact list because it is necessary to know who viewed my WhatsApp profile and disallow camera, video, and other options.

Who is watching WhatsApp status

Do you know about the status? On status, you can share pictures, videos, or texts for 24 hours. Whenever someone is watching their status, you can see their name. People who want to see your profile are also visiting your status.

How to Check Who Is Watching Your Status

Some people are curious about to know who is keeping an eye on our status you can follow the given steps to know who is watching.

Firstly, Open the WhatsApp application
Then click on the status option on the top bar
Click on your status, then click the eye option at the bottom. You will find a list of people who viewed your status.

How to check who viewed my WhatsApp profile on iPhone

How Do I Know Who Visited My WhatsApp Profile? It’s a minor deal in iOS. WRevealer is an app that is used in iOS to find out who is stalking you. Unlike other apps, this app is not available on Android. You can install it only on iOS.

How to Install and Use WRevealer

This Application is available for both the iPad and iPhone. It’s a paid application, but a one-day trial is free. If you are not satisfied, you can unsubscribe. Follow these steps for installation.

  • Download the Application from the app store and install it
  • This app requires registration. After installation, fill in the required information and log in.
  • Open your WhatsApp contacts and refresh
  • Go to the WRevealer application and click the search button.
  • This process will take a few seconds, and a complete report of contacts with the number will be visible, and you can see who viewed my WhatsApp profile.

This is a simple process to get complete guidelines on how to check who viewed my WhatsApp profile in iPhone.

Permanently Hide Profile Information

If you want to add privacy of name and profile picture on WhatsApp, there are only me, friends, and public options in the settings. You can hide information according to your needs.


This feature is unavailable on official WhatsApp, but you can use alternative applications to see who is watching my WhatsApp profile.


For instant messaging, WhatsApp is a widely used application with a fantastic user experience and features. Due to some privacy concerns, it does not offer a few features. However, applications are still available on Android and iOS to use additional features, and some mods of WhatsApp, like HAwa WhatsApp APK, are also available. On official WhatsApp, it’s not possible to see who is watching my WhatsApp profile, but you can follow the given alternative ways.

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