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MB WhatsApp iOS

MB WhatsApp iOS is a remarkably splendiferous version of the regional WhatsApp messenger, offering astonishing features such as message scheduling, auto-reply, customized themes, hidden chat and last-seen status, concealed photos and videos in the gallery, individual chat lock protection, as well as the ability to hide last seen, blue ticks, double ticks, and much more!

Android 0.8+ Version 1.1 71.MB

There are no qualms; we all prefer communication via social networks as compared to phone calls nowadays. Among all social networks, WhatsApp stands out as the most favored and widely used platform worldwide. It enables us to share vital documents, engage in video calls, and exchange voice notes effortlessly with our family and colleagues, all with just a single click.

However, sadly speaking, we can’t get too many features in the official WhatsApp; that’s where developers release its modified versions like ADWhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, and most famous, which is none other than MB WhatsApp iOS. 

Mb WhatsApp APK App Info

App NameMB WhatsApp
FeaturesiOS Style on Android
Last updatedToday
Size71.67 MB
Scan ReportNo Malware Detected
Downloaded Users90,820,957+
iOS WhatsApp for Android APK

What is MB WhatsApp iOS APK?

MBWhatsApp is a modified version that is widely popular among users worldwide and is known by various names such as MBWhatsApp, iPhone, MB WhatsApp Pro, MB WhatsApp Plus, and MB WhatsApp APK. It’s pretty famous among users due to its WhatsApp iOS 14 theme and an interface that resembles the iPhone’s WhatsApp. 

In other words, after the MB WhatsApp download, you’ll see the entire app change into iPhone themes, even icons, as well as emojis. You can choose from a range of lovely themes with over 1000, and you can personalize each theme according to your personal preferences and as per your needs.

What is MB WhatsApp iOS MOD APK?

Actually, it’s another name commonly used for the MB WhatsApp iOS, which has been developed by famous developer Stephanie. As it comes with some super cool unique features that you can’t avail in the original WhatsApp, that’s why it’s given this name. 

Splendiferous Features of MB WhatsApp iOS

The MBWhatsApp is the 2nd most used application among users by virtue of offering tons of mind-blowing features to their users and more privacy control as well. Let me lift the curtain from some of these one by one so that you make up your mind about why it’s a meritorious application among the users.

Message An Unsaved Number

When working in an office or maintaining a business routine, the task of saving a number before sending a message to someone, especially when we wish to withhold our personal information or details, can be pretty annoying. However, this irritation is now a thing of the past with the availability of the MB WhatsApp for iOS.

Auto Reply

When we’re engaged in a competitive business and receive numerous messages on a daily basis from various individuals, it can be quite frustrating to respond to each person with the same message. In such cases, the Auto-Reply feature becomes extremely useful and just mind-blowing. 

So, with this feature, you can set predefined responses based on your requirements; for instance, you can set an auto-reply message to inform others that you are busy or let your loved ones know when you’re attending a meeting, alleviating any unnecessary concerns.

MB iOS Theme

As the name iOS indicates, there is something in this WhatsApp that you can merely enjoy on the iPhone, right? Well, yes, with this MB WhatsApp iOS, you can enjoy the same interface of your WhatsApp application as iPhone 14 on your Android phone by using different theme! It’s such an excellent feature for the iPhone lover.

Hide Recording and Typing

Hiding the recording and typing feature ensures that the other person will not be able to see what you’re typing and recording. You can reply back as per your availability. 

Copy Captions of Picture

Sometimes, we love cations on pictures and want to save and send these to our other friends and family members, but unhappily, we can copy this with the official version of WhatsApp. So, it’s another tremendous feature of MBwhatsapp that makes this most popular among the users. 

Share Large Files

This amazeballs application allows you to send files up to 50MB and videos up to 700MB, which is impossible in simple WhatsApp. 

Who Block you?

It’s a lavish feature you can’t avail of in any other modified version of WhatsApp. It allows you to check who’s blocked you from your contact lists. With this, you don’t need to install any additional third-party applications from the Play Store. It’s just hilarious and is liked by all users of this application. 

Pause & Resume Voice Notes

With this feature, you can pause and even resume voice notes while sending them to your friends, family, or colleagues. 

iPhone Emoji

After installing the MBWhatsApp mods, you’ll not merely get an iPhone theme in your WhatsApp; in fact, you’ll also enjoy all the emojis of iOS in your Android phone, which looks very adorable. 

Freeze your Last Seen to your Connection

Often, we’re not in a good mood and don’t want to show our presence on WhatsApp so that no one contacts to us. In that case, you can freeze your last seen for your connection and stay online without letting other people to know your online presence on WhatsApp.  

Save Status 

Sometimes, we love the status of friends and colleagues, but we don’t want to request them to send us, so we usually prefer to download a third-party app, which not merely takes up space in fact also wastes time with a bunch of ads. So, thanks to MBwhatsApp, which comes with this built-in feature and, you can download any status with one click!

Airplane Mode

We’ve heard and even used this “airplane Mode” on mobile, but after turning this on, the mobile stops working for all applications. So, if you wish to turn off your WhatsApp from wifi or data connection, then you can use this feature; it’s just perfect!

Show Blueticks After the Reply

If you’re working in a challenging routine and don’t want to tell other people that you’ve read their messages, then you can turn on this feature from your MB WhatsApp. You can read messages, but other members will only know when you’ll reply to their text. 

In-built Locker

MB WhatsApp Pro, also called MB WhatsApp iOS, has come with an in-built locker where you don’t need to install any useless 3rd party apps. You can use a PIN, Password, or fingerprint lock for whole WhatsApp or even for a specific chat. 

Disable Forward Tag

Often, we prefer to forward messages irrespective of typing these again. But it isn’t very good to see forward tags with them. So, if you’ve updated the version of MbWhatsApp, then you turn this feature on and say goodbye to the forward tags, which usually appear around forwarding messages. 

Anti-View Once

In the Anti-view once, you can see images or videos one time only in the official WhatsApp; however, if you’re using this MB WhatsApp, then you can view these images and videos as much as you want. 

Add Reaction to Messages

Like FB Messenger and Instagram, you can show your reaction on WhatsApp messages. With this application, you can press the text and then show your excitement with adorable and your favorite emojis, who look cool!

Who Can Call Me?

In the official WhatsApp, anyone can call you at any time, but sometime at night and with family time, we don’t want to receive calls from specific members; in that case, you can just use this feature. In this feature, “who can call me,” you can select all contacts or the contact of the most important member for which you just want to receive a call; after using this, you’ll not be able to receive any calls on your phone. 

Anti-Delete Status

Like anti-delete messages, you can also enjoy the anti-delete status with the MbwhatsApp iPhone. If you don’t want to miss any status from your favorite person, then this feature is perfect for you!

Top Privacy

It offers an extra layer of privacy by providing individual chat protection and is considered more secure than GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, AD Whatsapp, and AN WhatsApp as well. 

Large Image Sharing 

You can send over 10 images with one click after installing this application, and you don’t need to send each image one by one, which is quite cumbersome. 

Backup Chats

Similar to the official WhatsApp, you can back up chats at any time and even transfer these whole chats when moving from MB WhatsApp to any other modified version of WhatsApp. 

Hide Name While Chatting 

At times, we’re so protective of our loved ones that we prefer not to display their names during our conversations with them. Conversely, some friends and colleagues are curious to know about our interactions. The good news is that accomplishing this is just a click away once you’ve installed the latest version of MBWhatsApp!


Nowadays, with GB, WhatsApp users face an anti-ban problem, which is most annoying. However, the latest version of MBWhatsApp APK has an anti-ban feature where you can enjoy chats with your loved ones without any issues. 

Customize Conversation Screen

With over 3000 themes, you can customize the conservation screen as your choice and make your chat more amazing. Moreover, you can also change fonts and colors with the MbWhatsApp iOS and give your WhatsApp a cool look.

How to Install MB WhatsApp iOS on Android?

If you’ve not downloaded this WhatsApp so far and are looking to enjoy these features by installing it on your Android, then you can follow these below-mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, click on the above-mentioned latest version of MBWhatsApp for iOS and then download the APK file on your mobile, which is merely 70 MB. 
  • After the MB WhatsApp download, now go to settings and enable the option “Install from Unknown Sources” to install on your Android phone. 
  • Once the MB WhatsApp APK download is completed, Now 3rdly, similar to the official WhatsApp, just enter your contact number, and then you’ll receive a code for verification. 
  • After entering the code, it’s all done! You’re ready to use this astonishing application on your Android. However, if you’re a PC lover, then you can install this with the help of Android emulators; you can check the complete process here.
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Additional Requirements Mb Whatsapp iOS

For smooth operation of this application on your phone, ensure your Android 4.03 version. If you’ve low space on your Android and have a memory issue, then you might face trouble while using this app on your phone. 

How to Fix Temporary Banned Problems in MB WhatsApp iOS

If you’re confronting a temporary banned problem and looking for a solution, then no worries, you can fix this by following the steps, so let’s get started. 

  • First, just backup your WhatsApp data, then uninstall this application from your phone. 
  • Now visit mbwhatshub and install the updated version from the above link on your device. Now install it again and enter your phone number. Once you are done, restore your previous data again, and you’ll see you’ve fixed this issue. It’s a 100% working method for me because it usually happens to use the old version. 


Yes, this WhatsApp plus iOS APK is safe to use, but ensure you’ve downloaded this from a trusted site like because we regularly check malware before putting files on our site from the developer.

Actually, these are the current themes in WhatsApp; once you update, you’ll get this theme automatically in your Android WhatsApp.

Yes, it’s a modified version of official WhatsApp with the same name.
Can I download this application from the Google Play Store?
No modified version of WhatsApp isn’t available on the Google Play Store. Therefore, you need to download this directly from Google by visiting mbwhatshub.

It’s an updated version which released after bug fixing. Make sure you’ve downloaded a current version so that you enjoy all the features.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Mb WhatsApp iOS is just one of the best-modified versions of WhatsApp with a bundle of features and more privacy control for users. It works like a charm for those individuals who wish to enjoy more features on WhatsApp and are big fans of the iPhone. Download the file and customize your Android device to an iPhone without a second thought. 


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