mbwhatsapp vs official whatsapp

The most common and loved application used by millions of people in the world, with time, developers have developed many new modded versions. We talk about MB WhatsApp vs official WhatsApp, so there are different and existing features available in MB WhatsApp iOS than the original official WhatsApp.
MBWhatsapp and the official WhatsApp interface look alike in terms of interface and installation, but they are different in many features, as follows.

MBWhatsApp iOS vs Official WhatsApp

Although our communication is smooth and secure in official WhatsApp, you want more features like a single broadcast message to 1000 people in your contact, you want to keep privacy and don’t want to show your online status, your last seen, and many more. Hence, it is the best option to use MB WhatsApp.

FeaturesMBwhatsappOfficial Whatsapp
Anti Revoke
Passcode Messagesyes
Hide Last Seen
Hide Blue Tick
Official Support
Risk of Banned
Hide writing option
Download Status
Hide double Tick
Auto Reply
Message scheduler
Download profile picture
Chat Lock
Image Sharing Quality
Image Sharing Limit
Text without Contact Save
Video Status TimeGreater time Duration
Difference Between MBwhatsapp and Original WhatsApp

MBWhatsApp Vs Official WhatsApp Features

MB Whatsapp iOS is a modified form of MB Whatsapp, which allows users to use the original Whatsapp. Original WhatsApp only provides a few of the latest features like direct status download, inbuilt lock, extensive file sharing, and many more without additional software.

Dual Account

Unlike the Official version of WhatsApp, in MBWhatsApp for iOS, you can switch between accounts at your convenience. This enables users to use their current MBWhatsApp iOS account alongside a new one. Additionally, there’s an option to uninstall the previous version of WhatsApp, but it’s not mandatory.

Inbuilt Locker

Privacy is important as users seek to safeguard their data, images, and conversations. One can secure their data through a built-in locker. Moreover, third-party vaults can be downloaded from the app store, offering options such as PIN, fingerprints, or facial recognition to lock the application. Furthermore, it’s possible to lock specific conversations as well.

Large File Sharing

We share pictures with our friends and loved ones daily on WhatsApp. Usually, there are limitations on sharing images and files. However, a notable feature of MBWhatsApp is that you can share up to ninety photos in one go. Additionally, you can share videos of up to 700MB and audio files of up to 50MB with your friends.

iOS Themes

While a default theme is provided, users also have the option to choose from a wide range of themes according to their preferences. More than 3000 themes are free, allowing users to customize their experience.

Message Unsaved Numbers

To send a message on WhatsApp, it’s necessary to save the recipient’s number first. However, in MBWhatsApp for iOS, there’s no need to keep the number beforehand. You can type the number of the person you want to message and send it.

Auto Reply

MBWhatsApp for iOS includes the convenient feature of automated messages. There are instances when a busy schedule or full-time work commitments make it challenging to respond to every message individually. However, MBWhatsApp offers a solution that allows you to configure auto-reply settings with customized notifications. This saves your time and ensures consistent interaction with your contacts.

Download Status

On WhatsApp, everyone shares stories as their status updates. However, the surprising part is that you can’t download these stories. In an unexpected twist, MBWhatsApp offers the feature to download these captivating stories along with their captions. To achieve this, view the status you wish to download. You will notice a download icon; click on it and witness the magic. These statuses will be automatically saved in your device’s gallery, allowing easy access anytime and the freedom to enjoy them.

Copy Captions of Image

When someone sends pictures with captions, manually copying the caption from the image is often inconvenient. An advantage of MB WhatsApp for iOS is that it allows you to copy image captions without notifying the other person.

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Hide Last Seen

Two blue ticks are displayed when you send messages, and the recipient reads them. However, in MBWhatsApp, you can hide this feature by accessing the privacy options and turning off the ‘Read Receipts’ setting. Once this is done, when you read messages, the other person won’t be notified whether the message has been read.
Resend Message Without Forwarded Label.

Forward Message Without Label

Whenever you come across a meaningful message or wish to forward a single message to multiple recipients, the label ‘forwarded’ often appears, indicating that the message has been delivered numerous times to the person you are sending it to. However, In MBWhatsApp vs Official Whatsapp it has a distinctive feature: you can send a single message to multiple recipients without revealing their identities.

Hide Recording or Typing Option

WhatsApp offers privacy to its users. The official WhatsApp shows typing and recording indicators in chats to the other end users, while in MBWhatsApp, you can record and type without the other person knowing.

Hide Blue Microphone

When someone listens to an audio message on WhatsApp, a microphone icon is displayed with a blue indicator. If you wish to hide the blue tick indicating that you’ve read the message, you can access this feature in MBWhatsApp and listen to messages discreetly.

Turn off Audio or Video Call

WhatsApp is an application that enables you to send messages and make calls. Unlike regular WhatsApp, MBWhatsApp offers the ability to turn off audio or video call features for specific users without them being aware.

Privacy Option

MBWhatsApp for iOS offers enhanced privacy, ensuring all messages and calls are encrypted end-to-end. This enables you to communicate with peace of mind without any concerns.

Hide Online Status

Users sometimes desire to conceal their online status while using MBWhatsApp on iPhone. This feature empowers you to engage in conversations without revealing your online presence to others.

Amazing Fonts

At times, if you’re tired of the current fonts, there’s a fantastic feature available: you can utilize custom fonts in MBWhatsApp for iOS, enhancing the appeal of your messages.

Anti delete Messages

If someone deleted the message after sending it and you want to see what the person deleted, you can use this feature in MBWhatsapp so the other won’t get any notification.

Airplane Mod

MBWhatsapp comes with the feature of airplane mode. Now, there is no need to make the device on airplane mode; instead, simply in settings, choose the airplane mode for MBWhastapp , Hawa WhatsApp 2024 or WhatsApp sm.


Yes, you can use MBWhastpp and regular WhatsApp on the same device; there is no need to uninstall the other WhatsApp for new installation.

First, download the latest APK file from this page, install it on your device, and enjoy the fantastic features of MBWhatsapp iOS.


After going through MBWhatsApp vs Official WhatsApp, you can choose between MB WhatsApp and official WhatsApp. Regarding features and customization, MBWhatsppap could be the user’s top priority because it is just like a copy of original WhatsApp with added features. It offers end-to-end encryption, which means neither WhatsApp nor the users can access the data. However, if you consider official support and security, then Official WhatsApp might be the right choice.


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