how to get notification when someone is online on WhatsApp

People used to communicate with their friends and family on WhatsApp daily for different reasons. However, they are curious to know how to get notifications when someone is online on WhatsApp. This curiosity is to get timely responses according to the importance of conversations.

Some business people want to get notifications and responses in a timely manner to avoid any loss. Some people schedule surprise or important events for their friends and colleagues and want to know they got messages on time. On these grounds, people want to know the online status of loved ones.

How to Get notification when someone is online on WhatsApp USing WhatsApp Setting

There is no direct way to get notifications, but you can use the built-in WhatsApp notification setting to see if someone is online. So, if this setting is on in other people’s WhatsApp, you can see them online. Here are the steps you can set to your WhatsApp for others to know about when you are online

  • Firstly, LAunch WhatsApp on your device
  • Click the three dots in the top right corner and go to the privacy setting.
  • Now check the first option last seen, and online, choose this option.
  • Here you will get the option to everyone my contacts or nobody.
  • If you select the option my contacts, then people can see you are online by looking at your name, and they will see the online option written below your name.

Get WhatsApp Online Notification Using MBWhatsApp iOS

Various features are accessible in WhatsApp iPhones, like how to send multiple images on WhatsApp, backup MB WhatsApp chat, etc. With MB WhatsApp assistance, you can check whether your contacts are online or offline by getting them notice.MBWhatsApp, like other APKS, is available for Android, iOS and web versions. Follow the instructions to learn how to get notified when someone is online on WhatsApp.

  • Firstly, open the WhatsApp Application
  • Secondly, open the drop-down setting
  • Then, explore the custom visit setting.
  • Now Enable the contact online toast choice.

How to Get Notification When Someone is Online on WhatsApp

There are many tracking applications, but only some are trustworthy because your privacy and security are priorities. If you get scammed, you can lose your data and essential information, which can cause a massive problem for you. Here are some authentic WhatsApp online tracking tools which are smarter enough to get help and maintain your privacy


Watracker is a third-party application to get notifications when your contacts come online. Install this application on your mobile, give the necessary permissions, open the application, enter the required number, and press submit. You will see notifications when the given number is online.

WaLog WhatsApp Tracker

This application is available on the Play Store. Simply install it on your device, input the number, and get notified when your loved ones are online.
Get Notified When Someone is Online

  • Firstly, install this application from the Play Store.
  • Then, open the application and enable the notification option.
  • Now select the number whose online notification you want to get.
  • Then, select the frequency of notification.
  • Using this application, you will get online notifications of requested contact according to frequency.

Risk Using Third-Party Apps

There are some potential risks in using third-party apps. Users must be aware of potential concerns about privacy or data deprivation in the future.

Threats or Security

There are some strict criteria for Play Store apps. If there are modded apps, they still need to go through proper security formalities, so there are giant chances users can get malware and security limitations.

Privacy Concerns

When users give access to third-party apps, they are providing access to important data like messages, contacts and media files, so if the third-party App is not from an authentic website, it can cause problems in future, or they can utilize your data.By knowing these concerns, be aware when using third-party apps

Alternative Way to Check someone’s Online status without App

If people want to learn online notification status without using third-party apps, here are the ways you can judge whether the person is online or offline

Two Blue Tick on Message

When sending messages on WhatsApp, we see two grey ticks if they are received on the other side, and if they seem blue, it means the other person reads the message and is online.

The person Answers your Message.

If the receiver replies on WhatsApp, it means that he is online on WhatsApp.

Previous Conversation Check

Check their last communication timing if previous chats are available in WhatsApp backup. It means that is the time they are available and replying to your messages.


If the green spot is shown, the person is online or uses a third-party application or alternative methods, as mentioned.

There are different tracking tools and applications for Android, like Watracker, watchdog, log, etc., to track others when they are online.


Official WhatsApp does not allow you to see online notifications of your chats, but you can use indirect ways to find who is online. With this guide, you can stay informed about the online status of your loved ones and stay connected with them.

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