11 Tips and Tricks MBWhatsapp iOS 2024

If you are an MB WhatsApp user and want to learn tips and tricks of MBWhatsapp iOS you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top 15 tips and tricks on MBWhatsApp iOS. These tips will make it more fun and handy to use MB WhatsApp.

Mb WhatsApp is an upgraded version of the popular application WhatsApp. Various modifications make it better and easier to use than regular WhatsApp. It provides several customization modes and more privacy to the user.

Tips and Tricks of MBWhatsApp iOS

MB Whatsapp iOS provides more diversity in features than the official WhatsApp, and users can enjoy amazing features by installing MBWhatsapp iOS, like download status, sharing long videos, multiple mages sending options, and many more, as given below.

Dual Account

One of the most famous tips and tricks of MBWhatsapp iOS is the ability to use two accounts at once. You can use two accounts on one device and switch between the two at any time.

Large File Sharing

WhatsApp has a rule that you can only send a certain number of photos at once; however, that is not the case in MB WhatsApp. You can send up to 90 photos, videos worth 700MB, and audio messages worth 50MB at once.

Auto Replay

Sometimes, we get messages that can only be viewed once. This gets frustrating if you accidentally click on it and don’t get to view it properly. In MB WhatsApp, however, there is an option where you can replay these pictures or videos if you missed them!

iOS Themes

One of the best features of MB WhatsApp is that you can customize it according to your preference. There are 3000+ themes you can choose from to make your application more aesthetically pleasing.

Hide Last Seen

There is a feature on WhatsApp where two blue ticks appear on the text if you read someone’s text or vice versa. You can change that setting by turning off “read receipts” in MB WhatsApp. This way, the person will not be notified if you’ve read their message.

Download stories

You may have noticed that when someone posts something on their status, you cannot save it. Well, MB WhatsApp offers a feature that lets you save those stories along with their captions. By clicking the download option while viewing the story, it will be saved to your gallery, where you can view it.
No forwarded label while resending messages On WhatsApp, whenever you send a text from someone to another contact, or even the same one, a label called “forwarded” appears on top of it. It can get a bit frustrating at times. To solve that, MB WhatsApp offers a feature allowing you to forward messages without the forwarded label.

Who blocked you Option?

Usually, when someone blocks your contact, you cannot see it. However, on MB WhatsApp, you can view all the contacts you blocked on the “who blocked you” list.

Hide the “Typing” and “Recording Audio” Options

Whenever a person is typing or recording an audio, an indicator appears on the top of the screen, notifying the person. If you want to remove this indicator, MB WhatsApp has covered you! In MB WhatsApp, you can type or record an audio without the other person knowing.

Airplane Mode

If you want to put your chats on airplane mode, you should turn on airplane mode on your phone. Alternatively, MB WhatsApp lets you put your chats on airplane mode and use all of your other apps without putting them on airplane mode.

Block Audio and Video Calls

WhatsApp is an application that enables you to send messages and make calls. Unlike regular WhatsApp, MBWhatsApp allows turning off audio or video call features for specific users without them being aware.

Hide Online Status

Sometimes, users desire to conceal their online status while using MB WhatsApp on iOS. This feature empowers you to engage in conversations without revealing your online presence to others.

See Deleted Messages

If someone deleted the message after sending it and you want to see what the person deleted, you can use this feature in MBWhatsapp iOS, which lets you view deleted messages and doesn’t notify the other person.

Appealing Fonts

At times, if you’re tired of the current fonts, there’s a fantastic feature available: you can utilize custom fonts in MBWhatsApp for iOS, enhancing the appeal of your messages.

Hide Blue Microphone

When someone listens to an audio message on WhatsApp, a microphone icon is displayed with a blue indicator. If you wish to hide the blue tick indicating that you’ve read the message, you can access this feature in MBWhatsApp and listen to messages discreetly.


Yes, it has far more advantages than regular WhatsApp. It provides:
Greater privacy.
A wide selection of themes for customization.
The option to use two accounts at once.
It is way more handy than regular WhatsApp.

Mb WhatsApp has many features that you cannot find on regular WhatsApp. Some are 3000+ themes to customize your application, an IOS aesthetic that satisfies Android users who like that theme, a feature to discover who blocked you, and many more. It is a great upgrade from normal WhatsApp.

Compared to WhatsApp, MB WhatsApp is much better. It is more secure and customizable. It also has different options, which make it easier to operate according to your preference.


Mb WhatsApp has far more new features and abilities than the regular application. These top 15 tips and tricks of MB WhatsApp iOS make using the application worth it. They help with various purposes and make the user comfortable using the application.


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