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HAWA WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 2024

Are you looking for an excellent communication application with vast experience and flexibility in many features? The standard WhatsApp is incompatible with many options, although it has millions of downloads, which is why people like WhatsApp hawa.

Thus, the hawa WhatsApp version is a third-party anti-ban modified application like Coocoowhatsapp,AN WhatsApp. It fills the gap of some lagging features and provides the best communication experience to its users.

HAWA WhatsApp GB

An Arabian scientist developed this WhatsApp. If you want to make your conversation interesting, then download HAWA WhatsApp. The other names of this APK are HAWA1 and HAWA2.

HAWA WhatsApp Versions

HAWA WhatsApp APK is available in dark and light versions. Based on audience preference, here are two modes of this APK Purple hawa whatsApp and Red Hawa whatsApp you can also check another version of red whatsapp .

HA1:Hawa 1 WhatsApp Purple Version

HA2:Hawa 2 WhatsApp Red Version

HAWAWhatsApp Download

App NameWhatsApp HAwa
ModsHawa WhatsApp purple
Hawa WhatsApp red
Android Requirement5.0 Above
Updated1 Day Ago
hawa WhatsApp download APK

Feature of HAWA WhatsApp

Most importantly, WhatsApp provides maximum privacy to ensure your security. It offers customized tools that will make your communication more accessible and flexible and save you time by giving top options.

Anti Delete Messages

Sometimes, you delete your messages accidentally, either from your or the other person’s side. It can create a big issue if the chat data is important. Now, don’t worry. It’s not a problem because you can recover your deleted chats using the hawa WhatsApp update.

Group Creation

Before there was a limit to adding people to WhatsApp groups, so you needed to create new groups to add more people. Handling multiple groups of the same niche was a big task, but now that we’ve resolved this issue, you can add up to 500 people.

No Forward label

We mainly use the forward option if you want to send one message to multiple chats. The receiver receives messages with the possibility of forward many times, so it shows a wrong impression to the other person. Now, you can send one message to multiple chats without this label.

Small File Size

If you use old mobile versions, they mostly have less space, and you can’t install heavy apps. It will decrease the speed of your mobile and drain your portable battery quickly; however, you will avoid this issue if you install WhatsApp hawa, and it takes significantly less space.

Offline WhatsApp Status Seen

By showing offline on WhatsApp, you can watch other statuses and messages. You can do this by hiding the last seen and message reading.

Stop Auto Download Media Files

Usually, media files, pdf, and other files directly download in your gallery and download folder. You can now stop auto-downloading by using WhatsApp.

Multiple Media and File Sharing

In this WhatsApp chat bubble option, you can send media and files to all chats and outside WhatsApp in significantly less time without wasting your time.

Dark Mode Option

In this WhatsApp, you can use the dark mod option beside the search box. By selecting this option, the dark mod will be on.

Theme Store

There are more than 3000 themes in this WhatsApp. You can customize your WhatsApp theme according to your choice. Open the theme, press the install button, and restart your WhatsApp to see the fantastic results.

Multiple languages Options and Fonts

Arab developers have developed this APK, making WhatsApp available in other languages and providing a complete library of Arabic fonts.

Background Options

There are options for plain Textures and image backgrounds in this WhatsApp, which can make your WhatsApp more attractive.

Blue Stick Strategy

The blue tick strategy is silently watching and reading the messages with only a grey tick. You can control it by allowing a blue tick for some chats to show and others not./

Status Selection

You can exclude others from your list if you share your status and want specific people to watch your status.

10 Minutes Status Share

Usually, we can share a status of 30 sec, but you will be astonished instead of breaking a video into small sections of 30 sec. Now, you can share 10-minute videos on this WhatsApp status in one go.

Preview Media Without Downloading

Many people in your chats share images and text daily, but sometimes you want to avoid seeing some people’s messages, so there is no need to download them. Preview the message.

Text Styles

The official WhatsApp interface is straightforward, with no background and a simple text style, but with this WhatsApp, you can easily change the text style. There is a library of fonts so you can change fonts according to your likes.

Additional Features

Multiple templates of messages are available to save your time and energy in typing.
The bulk message-sending option can significantly help if you run a business and use WhatsApp for promotional messages and other communication.
Multiple versions of WhatsApp hawa download brown and purple with different features are available.
High-security options with fingerprint and pattern lock.
Easy to use, and all features are freely available.

How to Install HAWA WhatsApp on Android

  • This WhatsApp exists in the Play Store due to a third-party app. You can download hawawhatsapp from any trusted website. What are you waiting for? Follow the following guide for download and installation of WhatsApp hawa.
  • Firstly, check if you have installed any other modded version of WhatsApp and uninstall it. Always take a backup of your chats before uninstallation.
  • Secondly, click the download button on this page to obtain the APK file and wait for the download to finish.
  • Next, check the unknown source option from the setting. It will allow third party app access.
  • Then, check your file manager folder and find the downloaded file.
  • Double-click this file for the installation process to start.
  • After you complete the installation process, verify your number.
  • Open your app, and you’re going to use this WhatsApp

How to Install Hawa WhatsApp on a PC

  • To install Hawa WhatsApp black on pc follow the given steps.
  • Firstly, download Emulator and install it.
  • Download APk WhatsApp hawa for PC.
  • Install this file on the Emulator.
  • Lastly, Add your Mobile number, get a verification code, and activate it.
  • Now, use WhatsApp on your PC.

Tips and Tricks Hawa WhatsApp App download

  • Firstly, Always install the latest version to get updated features.
  • Secondly, After installation, go through the settings to customize the different options like themes, fonts, colors, modes, and many more.
  • Lastly, if you want others to join this WhatsApp, you can invite your friends and family by sharing an invitation link.


This is the modified version of the original WhatsApp with advanced and latest features. Its versions are hawa WhatsApp purple hawaWhatsApp red.

This is one of the best features, which doesn’t allow others to delete chat so that you can keep your data and conversation for your record.

Yes, it’s safe and secure and end-to-end encrypted just like whatsapp sm.

Personal Review

WhatsApp chatting is a part of daily life, specifically when you have a team of workers, so you always keep in touch through WhatsApp chat to make progress. When comparing all other WhatsApp versions to WhatsApp hawa, it lies above all in function flexibility like hide last seen, emojis collections, font library, and many more. That’s why this is one of the best WhatsApp like KBwhatsapp,na4 WhatsApp pink download I have ever used.


You can get an enhanced messaging experience with the latest and unique options in the Hawa WhatsApp update. If you want to think out of the box about what you’re waiting for, download and enjoy the fantastic additional options like multiple themes, high-resolution background addition, customization of emojis and appearance, and many more.


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