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ADWhatsApp APK is a modified version of official WhatsApp that will elevate your communication experience to the next level. Users will get complete control with the help of customized features.

Likewise, the WhatsApp app has a theme feature with multiple additions. You can change the UI of the current area, like the typing message area. It offers UI addition in chunks to provide a better appearance. Another feature is that it gives a voice-changing option. You can add recorded messages to improve your voice or just for fun.

What is AdWhatsApp

ADWhatsApp is the most commonly used modified WhatsApp application that provides extra control on the conversation by providing customization options. If you want to enjoy these new features, don’t miss the WhatsApp APK download, which will give you extra control in your communication with many options like privacy control, hiding some vital information, and many more.

What’s New in Ad WhatsApp 2024

  • Message scheduling and automated replies to specific chats.
  • Available in different Languages
  • Color customization
  • Freeze last seen
  • Customized themes availability
  • Hide your chats
  • Hide online status
  • Customized app settings like icons, background style, and fonts.

AD Whatsapp App Info

Last update1 Days ago
Adwhatsapp Antiban

Features of AdWhatsApp APK Latest Version

Remove Forward Tag

Sometimes, it isn’t very comfortable when you want to send a message from another chat, but it shows a forward tag. Another person knows you are not typing a message, but it is forwarded from another chat. In the ad2 WhatsApp update, you can turn off this forward feature, which will hide the bold tag in your chat.

Message Scheduler

During your busy hours, you can send messages without using a mobile. Yes, this feature is available in ad WhatsApp. Type your message, set the time, and send a single chat or multiple chats simultaneously.

Hide Media from Gallery

Hide your media by getting into your gallery and saving your mobile space
For this setting, click three dots on the top right corner in ad WhatsApp, select settings, go to storage and media, and switch off the option media show in the gallery.

UI Customization

Users in adWhatsApp latest version can change the user interface according to their interests. You can change the background of the chat, font style, text color, menu bar, and many more.

Different Languages

You can use the AD WhatsApp app in different languages. This feature dramatically helps if a person needs help understanding English.

How to Install AdWhatsApp

WhatsApp 2024’s latest version is unavailable on Play Store because it is a third-party app you can download from a trusted website like mbwhatshub.

  • Firstly, download the adwhatsapp APK file of Ad WhatsApp from a trusted website.
  • Now, Open the file from downloads or file manager.
  • Then, Turn from the setting allows changes from unknown sources because this app is not available on the Play Store and is a third-party app.
  • Lastly, Double-click the download file and click the next option. Ad WhatsApp APK file is installed, and you are ready to enjoy the features.

How do you handle an Unexpected Error that occurs on AdWhatsApp?

  • Firstly, restart your Android device.
  • Secondly, check if a new updated version of ad WhatsApp is available
  • If your WhatsApp application is outdated, download and install the latest version.
  • Keep in mind backup your data before updating the current version of adWhatsApp.

How to Enable two Step Verification in Ad WhatsApp

Firstly, From your home screen, click on the ad WhatsApp icon.
After the app opens, click the three dots at the top right corner to find the setting option.
Then, in the settings option, find a two-step verification option.
Next, it will ask about a 6-digit PIN code; enter your PIN code and note down this PIN code in your diary because, in case of any issue, it will be required, and if you forget it, it can create a problem for you.
Now, it will ask for the email, enter it, and press the done button.
Now, two-step verification of adWhatsApp is enabled, and your WhatsApp is secure.

Is AdWhatsApp is Safe and Secure

Yes, AdWhatsApp is entirely safe and secure because it is end-to-end encrypted and provides privacy to its users with data protection. No one can steal or hack your data; therefore, you can communicate with your friends and family without worry.


It’s easy to update WhatsApp, uninstall the previous version, and download and install the latest version. However, remember to back up the data before installation.

Download the latest version of WhatsApp. It’s not going to slow down your Android device.


Adwhatsapp APK is the most reliable messaging app that connects you with your near and dear ones. But you can also silently watch the activities of strangers without knowing them. Ad WhatsApp Android supports multiple languages. You can change the language according to your region if you want an extraordinary experience of a communication app with stunning features, so this AD WhatsApp APK is for you to install and enjoy!

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