How to Install MB Whatsapp iOS on PC

Do you want to learn how to install MB WhatsApp iOS on PC?WhatsApp is a mobile, computer application used worldwide for texting, making voice and video calls, and sharing documents and pictures with loved ones. About 2.7 billion people across the globe use WhatsApp daily. It is the perfect communication app that keeps us in touch with our family, friends, and co-workers.

However, only some people might know that WhatsApp has modified applications. Applications like RAwhatsapp, and ADAMWhatsApp are updated and upgraded versions of the application with several f unseen features. This article will show you how to install MB WhatsApp iOS on PC.

Steps on How to Install MB WhatsApp iOS on a PC

If you are a PC user and like to work on your computer rather than your phone, you would want all your applications to be on your PC, too! Now, if you want to install your MB WhatsApp application on your PC, then you’ve come to the right place. Following are the steps to install MB WhatsApp on a PC

  • The first step you would have to do is to download “LD player ” on your computer. And then install it.
  • After completing the installation, download the file “MB WhatsApp APK” onto your PC.
  • Open the LD player
  • Next, run the “LDplayer4.exe” file.
  • On the menu given on the right-hand side, select the APK icon tab,
  • Once you choose your APK file, the LD player you’ve installed will download it to your computer!


Yes, it is possible to use MB WhatsApp on multiple devices. If you want to use it on your PC, you can easily download it on both devices. This feature is also present in the regular Whatsapp application.

Absolutely! MB WhatsApp is available on both mobile and computer devices. This way, you can enjoy the various features of MB WhatsApp on your PC, too! Just like regular WhatsApp, MB WhatsApp can also be installed and used on more than one device.

Mb WhatsApp has tons of new and practical features. Some of them include having a dual account system and knowing who blocked you. It provides greater privacy and more customization flexibility.

The Final Verdict

We all know MB WhatsApp has several functional and convenient features. If you work on your computer and have difficulty switching between devices, you’d want MB WhatsApp on your PC. The discussion above shows how to install MB WhatsApp iOS on PC.


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