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In digital communications, there are many users of KB WhatsApp APK. This is one of the popular WhatsApp mod versions of WhatsApp APK. This is one of the best apps with some modifications.

This WhatsApp makes you silently observe the people reading their messages without knowing them. All four modes of WhatsApp are unique and astonish its users with their jaw-dropping performance.

Download KBWhatsApp APK KB1,KB2,KB3,KB4

Keeping in touch with people is easy now with different modded versions of communication apps like KbWhatsApp, which has the following four mods.

KB WhatsApp Blue

You can download KBWhatsapp from the following link. It is the basic variant of the main kbWhatsApp with the blue theme. This WhatsApp is also known as kb WhatsApp 1.

KB Whatsapp Black

It is in the second position in kb WhatsApp. Its theme is black. You can download the GB Whatsapp black version from this link. This WhatsApp is also known as kb whatsApp 2.

KB WhatsApp Red

This WhatsApp is in 3rd Position in KBWhatsapp. Its theme is red and available with advanced features. This WhatsApp is known to be Kb whatsApp 3.

KB Whatsapp Gold

Yellow kB WhatsApp Gold comes with the latest features.it is one of the best mod of KB WhatsApp.The famous name of this WhatsApp is Kb WhatsApp 4.

Features of KB WhatsApp’s Latest Version

With time, people want new features and functions in every application according to their requirements and ease. Can you reduce your communication gap? What are you waiting for to download the KB Whatsapp APK?

Message Scheduler

When you are running a business, customer communication is essential. You are sending thousands of messages to your customers. Sometimes, if you have a vast list of clients and you have less time, and you want to send this message in a short time, you can schedule 100’s messages in significantly less time; however, you can get this feature in kb WhatsApp’s latest version and tension free from hectic work of message sending.

KB Multilingual

KB WhatsApp is now available in many languages. There is also a feature of a translator on the desk to change the language. Due to this reason, KB Whatsapp is widely used worldwide, and everyone is familiar with it. It’s launched in sixty-four different languages.

Switch Accounts

Most people use different WhatsApp to separate their Whatsapp for businesses and families. In KB WhatsApp mod special now, you can switch between five different accounts in one mobile.

Choose Emoji

Instead of sending text, audio, or video messages, people sometimes send emojis to express their feelings. There are different styles of emojis like iOS emojis, WhatsApp old emojis, and one emojis. Emoji selection is another feature you can enjoy using KBWA.

Status Privacy

Sometimes, you want to see the status of your chats, but you don’t want others to know it. This issue is now resolved, mod of KB WhatsApp.Watch statuses and hide them from others.

Whatsapp Privacy Lock

You can protect your chats by adding a finger lock, face lock pattern, or passcode to protect your conversation. You can also set security questions for more privacy.

Hide Blue Tick

When you talk to your loved ones on WhatsApp, it always shows one grey tick when a message is sent from your side and a double grey tick when it is received on the other side. After the message is read, it shows two blue ticks. Sometimes, you want to hide this blue tick option, so it’s not a big deal now you can silently read other messages without knowing them.

View Once Option

If you are watching the stats of people more than once, it always shows the count to the other person. You can hide this option so your contact can’t see how often you viewed the status.

Create Polls in the Group

In Whatsapp, there are groups to communicate with persons of the same niche. If you send a message in a group, it will be delivered to everyone in this group. Sometimes, you want to know about the audience when you plan a new thing to create a poll according to your question, and everyone can submit this poll inside the group. One way it can help you to make new plans of content. On the other hand, it will show you about your audience.

How Do You Share Instant Element Reactions?

In communication, some messages you want to reply to instantly with the elements without the text option are available in KBWA.

  • Open the home screen of WhatsApp
  • Open the chat to whom you want to send an instant message.
  • Click the symbol option on the right corner
  • You can also select from the frequently used element option.
  • If you want to add a new element according to the current situation, you can also find it in the search box.

What’s New in WhatsApp Version V27

The following are the features that distinguish KBWhatsApp from Regular WhatsApp.

  • By providing more privacy, it keeps your data more secure and private.
  • Quick reactions are available to save you time in busy hours. 3-You can keep your privacy by hiding the blue tick, second tick, and status. Enable these options and enjoy them by keeping your privacy.
  • Availability of image quality setting: you can send images at the highest resolution of 3MB.
  • Most images are directly saved into the gallery. You can save your space by turning off this photo and video saves by enabling three buttons to hide photos, videos, and gifs.
  • You can create more creative gifs, and you can create gifs of your photos.
  • No barrier to language. Now, KBWA is available in different languages worldwide.
  • You can hide communities option ii KBWA.
  • With KBWA, you can share multiple files with your contacts or on social media without a problem. Now, the issue of Multiple files and large files is resolved.
  • If you are bored with your old notification bar, KBWA provides a customized one. You can change notification bars’ colors and background fonts without any hurdle.

How to Install KB WhatsApp on Android

If you don’t know how to get the APK file of this WhatsApp and want to know how to install this app, follow the following steps.

  • First, download the KB WhatsApp APK file from the link on this page and save this File.
  • Open the Android setting, then open the security option.
  • Then, scroll down to find an option for an unknown source.
  • Locate the downloaded File from the file manager.
  • Click this File and install it on your device.
  • Open the File and enjoy the latest version of KB WhatsApp.

How to Install KB WhatsApp on a PC

If you’re worried about installing WhatsApp kb download on a PC, it’s not a big deal. Follow the following steps to download and install kb WhatsApp web.
To install the KBWhatsApp PC, use any emulator.
Launch the emulator
Download the KB WhatsApp APK for PC and install it.
After installation is completed, open the app and verify the mobile number.
Now, you are ready to enjoy the KB WhatsApp PC APK.


This modded version is not available on the Play Store. You can download from mbwhatshub or type KBWA on Google and download from an authentic source.

Yes, you can update kb WhatsApp if developers launch updates. Uninstall the previous version, install the new one and enjoy it.

From the user experience and security point of view, yes, KBWhatsApp is secure and safe.

Which WhatsApp mod is best depends upon user preference. If you’re searching for the features mentioned above, it’s one of the best WhatsApp mods.

My View

As I am involved in many social works, different people from different organizations always communicate daily. Since I installed kb WhatsApp update, my life has become easy. Now, I can easily group different communications. I can mark them as unread to differentiate them from others. I can upload larger status files and long-duration videos and audio. Although I used many versions due to my work, WhatsApp is astonishing in its features.


KB WhatsApp Official WhatsApp has more attractive features than the previous version. As there is always room for improvement, the latest versions are much better than the previous versions and new additions of features are improving its popularity day by day among WhatsApp users, so what are you waiting for? Download WhatsApp KB and enjoy its features.


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