How to Send Multiple Photos on WhatsApp

We use social media to share PDFs, documents, or media files, including pictures and videos. WhatsApp is the most commonly used of these communication apps, with millions of users. You can share up to 30 photos at once on official WhatsApp, but if you want to learn how to send multiple pictures on WhatsApp, Android, or iPhone, you can also send on mbWhatsApp.

Prerequisite to send Multiple Photos on WhatsApp

The latest version of WhatsApp
Active WhatsApp account

How to Send Multiple Photos on WhatsApp in iPhone

There are different ways to send images via WhatsApp for iPhone

Send Images Using WhatsApp Conversation in iPhone

Most Likely, instead of using photo apps, people prefer to send pictures through chat conversations on WhatsApp

  • Firstly, open the WhatsApp app and click on the required chat. You will find a +icon at the lower left corner
  • Click the second option to open the photo and video gallery. click the necessary photo and then select multiple pictures using the + icon given at the bottom corner
  • Moreover, You can select up to 30 images after choosing a photo on the done button and share memories with your loved ones.
  • You can edit pictures before sharing, make collages, edit text and stickers, etc, to make your images eye-catching.

Send Multiple photos on WhatsApp in iPhone Using the Photo App

Another way to send multiple photos on iPhone is by using the photo app

  • Open the photo App from the home screen of your iPhone
  • You will find a select option to click up to 30 photos; otherwise, you cannot send them.
  • After selecting photos, click on the share option at the lower bottom. A pop-up will appear, and then choose WhatsApp from the given apps and press the next button.
  • Lastly, click on the share button, and your images will be sent.

How to Send Multiple Photos on WhatsApp Android Via Conversation

Sending multiple photos on Android is a small task. Follow the following steps to send photos

  • Open the WhatsApp application from the home screen
  • Now search for the name of the person to whom you want to send multiple photos
  • Then, Open the chat, and you will find a clip icon at the lower bottom right corner
  • After selecting this icon, a menu will appear to choose the gallery option.
  • The gallery will open, and you can select pictures from your required folders one by one select photo.
  • Lastly, press the send option.

Send Multiple Photos on WhatsApp Android Via Google App

Images can be sent to an email address directly from WhatsApp. Follow the following steps to send multiple images

  • Firstly, open the WhatsApp app from the home screen and tap it to open it.
  • Secondly, type the name of the chat from which you want to send images
  • Then, find photos which you want to share and select them one by one by tapping
  • Click the share icon on the top right-most corner.
  • You will find a list of apps. Tap on the email icon
  • Then type Required email address. Type the subject of the email according to the image.
  • Lastly, click the send button. You will get a notification your email has been sent.


There is no need to send pictures one by one; send multiple photos on WhatsApp, Android, and iPhone using a single click by following these steps without wasting your time.

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