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How to Restart WhatsApp Complete Guide 2024

Sometimes, when you use different applications due to any bug or any other reason, they are not working correctly, like WhatsApp, while writing messages, making calls, or sharing files. It would be best to restart your WhatsApp on Android or PC to make it work properly. Here, you will learn how to restart WhatsApp.

How to Restart WhatsApp Strategies

When switching between WhatsApp and other apps and it’s not working correctly, follow the following steps to restart WhatsApp and resolve the problem. You can use all these methods to restart mb WhatsApp iOS 9.81.

Force Stop WhatsApp Application

A force-stopping application is one of the ways to find out where the problem is with WhatsApp’s abnormal working.

  • Open the settings option
  • Scroll and find Apps option
  • Find all app options and choose WhatsApp
  • Click on the force stop option
  • Now reopen the WhatsApp application from the home screen.

Check Internet Connection

A Mainly poor connection can affect apps either can’t open or some features stop working. This connection problem can be due to many reasons, such as. Sometimes, there is a power issue on the internet provider side or a disconnect before restarting WhatsApp. Check the internet connection by following the steps below.

  • Open the settings from your device
  • Now click network and internet connection
  • Click on the internet
  • To manage the connection, use wifi and mobile toggles.

Check WhatsApp Update

Developers are updating apps frequently with the addition of new features and improvements on previous versions of WhatsApp like hawaWhatsApp

  • Firstly, open the Play Store
  • Secondly, in the search bar, type WhatsApp
  • You will find the update option in front of the application if there is a new version or update. Click this option and wait for WhatsApp to update.

Check the Storage of the Device

Storage is very important in Android. If there is less space, then apps will not work properly. Sometimes, you can face problems with not working or not opening, so one solution is to clear some space.

  • Firstly, Open the settings in your Android
  • Then scroll down and click the storage option
  • If there is enough storage, then it’s okay; otherwise, clear some space

Clear Cache

The cache is where files, including CSS, JavaScript, some fonts, and images, are stored to avoid reloading tons of files during app work, and it also saves bandwidth. Clear cache to clear stored data and make your WhatsApp perform well. This is how you can restart your Android WhatsApp to make it work properly.

Check WhatsApp Down Time

If the above options are not working for you, then check WhatsApp. Sometimes, there is downtime in the server due to many reasons. There is no official way to find downtime. It depends on the user experience. You can communicate with people to see whether their WhatsApp application is working fine or not. Sometimes, it is also down in a specific region or country for unknown reasons or occasionally damage in internet servers.

What to Do if Restarting WhatsApp Does not Work?

If restating WhatsApp does not work, then it’s time to restart your Android device.
Android: For Android, hold the power button, which is used to switch on or off the mobile, and the volume up key hold both buttons for 3 seconds. You will get an option on the screen to restart or tap the reboot option. After this, your mobile will take a few seconds to continue.
iPhone: Click and hold the power button for a few seconds. You will see the restart option on the screen. Swipe the slider and wait for a few seconds.

How to Restart WhatsApp on PC

Sometimes, it must be fixed when you use WhatsApp on a PC. Firstly, click the inverted arrow option on the left side of the Google search bar. It will automatically refresh the page of previous WhatsApp PC versions for efficient working requires active WhatsApp on mobile, but now, if it is not active on mobile still, you can use it on a PC

How to Restart WhatsApp Web

  • Firstly, open the WhatsApp application from your mobile
  • Then open the menu from the three dots given in the top right corner
  • Now click the WhatsApp web option. It will open the camera
  • Then, from the PC, open WhatsApp web
  • QR scan will appear. Scan this using your mobile camera
  • It will take a few seconds, and WhatsApp WhatsApp Web will open on the PC
  • On the WhatsApp web interface, click three dots on the top left corner of the menu and select Logout
  • Lastly, log in again by using the QR code mentioned above


Firstly, check the internet connection, close and reopen WhatsApp, restart your mobile, press and hold the power key, and press the volume up the key. You will see a reboot option. Click this option and wait for a few seconds.

There are different methods to reboot MB WhatsApp. Firstly, check whether WhatsApp is updated or not, check the internet connection, force the application to stop, and open it again.


Restarting WhatsApp is a minor deal. It is an easy process. You must follow the steps to reboot WhatsApp on Android or PC. Clear cache ,check device storage or check the version if it is outdated and update it.

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