how to check who blocked you in mbhatsapp ios

How to Check Who Blocked You In MBWhatsapp iOS?

Mb WhatsApp is the improved and reformed version of the frequently used application WhatsApp. It offers many different features that help in customization, privacy, and many other aspects. It also has themes that make your application look similar to that of an iPhone you can easily check who blocked you in mbwhatsapp iOS.

Setting aside all the advantages of MB WhatsApp, one that stands out most is the ability to check who has blocked you on the application. If someone has blocked your contact and you want to confirm, it can be done on MB WhatsApp. So, if you want to find out how to check who blocked you in MB WhatsApp iOS, keep reading.

Steps How to Check Who Block You on MBWhatsapp iOS

Of course, there are old-school methods to determine if someone blocked you on WhatsApp. Some are only one tick mark on your text indicating it hasn’t been sent, a blank profile picture, and no “last seen” status. However, MB Whatsapp holds a feature that confirms if someone has blocked you on the app. All you have to do to find out is follow these steps below.

How to Check Who Blocked on MBWhatsapp iOS

  • Download the latest version of MB WhatsApp iOS.
  • Open the application and go to “settings”.
  • There, click on “MB Preferences”.
  • After that, select the “Who blocked you?” option.
  • If someone has blocked you, their contact will appear in the list. This feature is helpful to keep in check everyone whom you text. It is helpful for various purposes and is easily accessible.
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There are different methods to check who blocked your mbwhastapp. One of them is to check the profile picture to see if it’s not showing to you, or if there is one tick in MBwhatsapp conversation, it shows the other person blocked you.

You can text from a new or unknown number if someone is blocked. If the message shows a double tick, your other number is blocked.

The Final Verdict

Since the release of mb whatsapp iOS , it has become much easier to perform many functions. One of them is how to check who blocked you on MBWhatsapp iOS. If you follow the steps provided above, you will easily find out who blocked you.


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