How to Change Group Name in WhatsApp

Here, you will learn how to change group name in WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an intrinsic part of daily communication, and it’s utilized in every country. Now, WhatsApp comes in different languages for the ease of users. There are numerous features of WhatsApp, and each feature has the potential to contribute to communication for the ease of users.

Why Change a Group Name on WhatsApp?

Sometimes, during group creation, we give random names, or later on, we want to change the group name of WhatsApp according to the purpose. Don’t worry. Just follow the given steps to learn how to change the group name in WhatsApp.

How to Change the Group Name in WhatsApp Android?

Follow the given steps to chnage group name on whatsApp

Install and Open WhatsApp

Firstly, download WhatsApp to your device from the Play Store, or you can also mod versions like WhatsApp Plus, An WhatsApp, or KB WhatsApp.After the download is finished, click the install blue button and wait for a few seconds. Once installation is done, a WhatsApp icon will appear on the home screen.

Click the WhatsApp icon to open WhatsApp, follow the obstructions, and add the number for verification. After verification, you are ready to use WhatsApp with the chat interface. Remember, don’t click the icon for more than a short time. Other than that, I’ll give the option to delete the app.

Select the Group

Find the required group to change the group name to search group type name in the search box or pin chats in WhatsApp.Select the group and open it.

Click on 3 Dots

Click the 3 dots to see DP, video audio calls, and the search bar. You can change the description and find other security AND encryption options here.

Change the subject

Remove the blue-colored name using backspace and type the new name using the keyboard . Remember to use relevant names and avoid emojis because it will decrease the character limit to 25.

Press OK

After typing the desired name, press OK. There is another option of cancel. If you don’t want to keep the new name and want more editing, press cancel. Here is an easy process to rename the group. If you want to change the name again, repeat the process. Go to the main page and check the new name of the it visible to you or not?

Reason Why Change a Group Name?

Occasional Groups

Due to many reasons, there is a need for group name change. Sometimes, we create a group on specific occasions or for meetings, and after that event, for the next event, instead of creating a new group and adding all members, we rename the previous group.

Multiple Groups with the Same Name

Sometimes, due to the exact names of different groups, it’s challenging to remember the group, and if you forget the actual group, you may send a message to the wrong group, which can create problems, so there is a need to change the group name.

What is the character length of the WhatsApp Group Name

Before, the Character length was 25, but with updates, the new character limit for WhatsApp groups is 100. It could be a letter number, an emoji, or a unique character. this limit increase solved problems for long names

How do you change the Group Name WhatsApp without admin Access?

For group name changes, firstly, you need to be a member of the group
Secondly, by default, the setting is everyone can change their group name. Follow these three steps to change the group name in WhatsApp

  • Open the WhatsApp application and find the required group
  • Click the three dots on the top right corner
  • Tap to change the subject, write down the required group name to 100 characters, and press OK.

If the admin applies privacy in a subject change-only admin setting, then you can’t change the subject icon or description of the group.

How to Change Fonts and Color of Group Name

There is no way to change the font style or font color of the group name in WhatsApp, but here is an alternative way to change the text of the group name.

  • Firstly, search on Google WhatsApp fonts
  • Here, you will find a list of websites. Open any party website
  • Different fonts with styles and colors are available everywhere. Type the group name set, the font style and color, and opy the text
  • Lastly, open WhatsApp, open the group name setting, and paste the group name

How to Choose the Best Name For WhatsApp Group

The selection of the Group name is essential. Try to get group name suggestions from a group to save your time and energy for name selection. Here are a few tips for group name selection

Synchronization of group purpose and group subject
Always choose an accessible, engaging, and memorable name
Prefer short name; doesn’t make it lengthy .shortname will remain in memory for a long time
Use unique fonts and colors for the subject. You can avail of this feature using third-party websites
Try to avoid emojis in the audience will forget emojis.

Once a name is assigned to the group, you can change it, but always try to align your work from scratch and avoid change.

Terms and Conditions for WhatsApp Group Name

You can choose any group name; however, always use unique and relevant names so you will remember the name, and it will be synchronized with the group’s purpose. Here are a few points to remember while naming groups in WhatsApp.

  • Always use a short name so people can remember it easily.
  • Always use relevant names according to the purpose of the group.
  • Gnericnames can confuse, so avoid it. For example, if you create a best friend group, another person also uses the same name, which can confuse you. You can name it school best friends, college best friends, because best friends, etc.
  • Prefer to use letters instead of emojis and special characters.

If you are facing any issues or don’t want to keep the group, delete it and create a new group when there is a need for a specific group or sometimes a particular duration. In that case, you can archive the group and, when needed, unarchive the group chat.


Admin can change the group name if privacy is not applied. Then, any member of the group can rename the WhatsApp group.

WhatsApp group name is visible to everyone. You can’t make it only me.


To make a long story short, knowing how to change a group name in WhatsApp is a small task. Follow the mentioned steps, change the group name on WhatsApp according to your needs and occasion, and save memories in a group.

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