Advatages and Disadvantages of MBWhatsApp Pro

Surprisingly, many people use different versions of WhatsApp without knowing the advantages and disadvantages of MBWhatsApp Pro.WhatsApp is used for communication and file sending, but many people want to take advantage of some pro features unavailable in official WhatsApp.
Due to this social media app’s popularity, developers are modifying it to use extra features unavailable in the original app. Before installing MB WhatsApp pro, you must know about the features of MB WhatsApp pro and the pros and cons of this app.

MBWhatsApp Pro Advantages

  • One of the best advantages of MB Whatsapp is you can use whatsapp with the official one with no need for uninstallation of the official one.
  • Secondly, You can set your conversations private to maintain your privacy.
  • MB Whatsapp also offers auto-reply during working hours. You can set messages and the duration your clients and friends will get customized messages.
  • Normally, multiple theme options are unavailable, but in MB whatsapp, 100 themes are available. You can use them according to your choice.
  • Other than normal, you can share large audio and video files in one message.
  • You can take advantage of the download status.
  • Surprisingly, you can hide your last seen from your contacts on MB WhatsApp pro.

MBWhatsApp Pro Disadvantages

  • Despite the various advantages of MB Whatsapp Pro, there are disadvantages, too.
  • Above all, this version is not available on the App Store. It violates App Store privacy and security concerns.
  • There are privacy issues in opposition to the regular whatsapp, so your conversations and files are not end-to-end encrypted. Third parties could use them. So, you need an extra layer of privacy protection.
  • As MB whatsapp pro is not hosted on a safe server, viruses can be infused into your phone through this app.
  • Additionally, it can collect your data, like passwords and emails of important apps and files. Go through all advantages and disadvantages of MBWhatsApp pro in mind before installation

What is the Risk Factor of MB WhatsApp Pro

  • Firstly, Because of an unknown server, someone can steal your important Data and make it Public.
  • Secondly, your account can be permanently banned or blocked because of unauthorization.

Why is MB WhatsApp not on Play store?

For any application to be on the Play Store, there are specific security and privacy criteria that Google Play Store must fulfill.MB WhatsApp doesn’t follow this, which is unavailable on the Play Store.
Secondly, MB WhatsApp uses the source code of official whatsApp without any certification. So, it’s impossible to find whether it is malware or virus-free. So, there is no guarantee of using this software to reach the safety criteria.


Yes, MB Whatsapp offers more flexible features than the official whatsapp, like theme options, hide online option, status download, large file sending options, and much more.

Regarding features, it is superior, but according to privacy, official whatsapp is more secure.

No, MB whatsapp pro is not a legal application. The source code of an official app is used without the honor’s permission, so it’s also not used to be safe.

Any third party can access this app, so sharing media files on it is unsafe.

Final Verdict

Although MB WhatsApp Pro offers many advantages over official WhatsApp like, how to hide blue tick and media from gallery, how to download status without knowing other person, how to hide last seen and many more features but keep all the cons in mind while installing and keep a check on your privacy.


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